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15 amazing Russian wedding traditions

The betrothal is the very first part of a traditional Russian Orthodox event. This is where the couple stands at the entryway to the church and is blessed by the priest.

The crowning is the 2nd part of the standard event and is where the coupling base on a piece of rose-colored fabric and the priest put the crowns onto their heads. These can often be kept in location by family members or good friends.


While in some nations, a really genuine (and frequently costly) dowry has to be paid before a wedding event. In Russia, the bride-to-be’s ransom is more of an enjoyable custom.

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When the couple is revealed as newlyweds, their moms and dads provide them a crystal glass each. They then summon all their strength to shatter them into as lots of fragments as possible, as each piece represents a year of the happy marital relationship.


Some couples opt to sneak in this rule before their big day to leave more time for the enjoyable things.


The bride-to-be’s moms and dads “take” her away and conceal her before the event up until her partner finishes a series of difficulties established by the bridesmaids that are developed to reveal the strength of his love and, eventually, humiliate him.


Because a wedding event is thought about among the 7 sacraments for Russian Orthodox fans, there is more significance in placing crowns onto the heads of the couple than there remains in exchanging wedding event rings.


Typically, the crowns would be used for 8 days after the event. However, they have now chased the priest reveals the union and states the praise.


Other variations of the ransom mission consist of dressing up a male relative of the bride-to-be in wedding apparel and choosing not to turn over the genuine one till payment has actually been made, or providing the fiancé with a napkin covered in the lipstick prints of the bridal celebration. If the fiancé cannot determine the bride-to-be’s edition correctly, he is likewise up for payment.


The couple shares a cup of wine and follows the priest 3 times around the podium to symbolize their journey into married life.


If a job cannot be finished, a payment of either good money, chocolates, or flowers needs to be made to the bridesmaids as payment.


Russian wedding events can take lots of types. However, a marital relationship is just lawfully identified as soon as you have actually made a journey to the registration workplace, the Zapis Aktov Grazhdanskogo Sostoyaniya.


Couples can opt to have a little civil marital relationship registration affair, where the couple actually sign papers in a workplace and avoid to the celebration, or they can accompany this with a local event, which lasts for 15 to 30 minutes, or go the entire hog and have the more extended official event also.


They get lit candle lights that they then keep throughout the event, that includes a prayer and bible readings.




It was when a legal requirement for Russian wedding events to consist of 2 witnesses at the first registration of the marital relationship. While this is not essential, couples will still pick 2 witnesses for their wedding, who will get to use a different sash to determine their position.


It is likewise conventional for the bride-to-be to launch a balloon with her maiden name composed on it, as she starts her brand-new life with her brand-new name.


Russian newlyweds might do these jobs alone however frequently circumnavigate with a little group of family and friends.


When the central registration has actually been performed, the newlyweds triggered on a well-worn course to go to landmarks to obtain pictures and perform normal things at each website.

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These witnesses are typically precisely what we would call the housemaid of honor and the very best male.


Couples who wed in St Petersburg will frequently do numerous of the following things:


Visit Senate Square to obtain images with the everlasting flame of the heroes of World War II, the Bronze Horseman statue and the monolith to Peter the Great.

Check Out Peter Vassilevsky Island to the animal the 4000-year-old Egyptian statues and stone griffons for good luck.

Position for pictures with their hands inside the Rostrum Column to symbolize their brand-new bond of marital relationship.

If they have not yet smashed their crystal glasses, they can visit the Peter and Paul Cathedral and do so versus the solid sphere near the water fountains.

Go to the New Hermitage Portico and rub the toes of the marble Atlanta statues for good luck.

Check out other consistently significant structures for pictures.



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